• Does Use a Secure Checkout?

    Absolutely! Your information is always safe with us!
  • How Can I Pay for My Fireworks?

    For all in-store locations, we can accept cards and cash. Unfortunately, we do not accept checks or money orders. For online purchases, we accept card payments and PayPal!
  • How Does Red Apple Fireworks® Sell Fireworks?

    When perusing the Red Apple® store online, you'll notice that we have three units of measurement for most fireworks: "Each," "Unit," and "Case." For online orders, customers can only purchase fireworks by the case, but customers in-store can purchase fireworks by the unit or by the each. For exa...
  • How Do I Know if an Item is in Stock?

    Our website should reflect all in-stock items at any given point in time, while removing those items that are out-of-stock. However, even the best systems can make mistakes occasionally! So, when in doubt, shoot us an email at ( or send us...
  • How Old Do I Have to be to Order Fireworks on

    Every person who wishes to purchase fireworks, whether in-store or online, must be at least 18 years old.
  • Where can I Buy the Fireworks Sold at Red Apple Fireworks® or

    The only place you can buy the fireworks sold at Red Apple Fireworks®, both in-store and online, is at Red Apple Fireworks®! However, we do sell a number of fireworks from other brands, including Winda, Brothers, Cannon, and more! While you may be able to find and purchase those items from othe...
  • Will My Order Ever Have Substitutions Applied to it?

    If you place an order for firework(s) that we do not have in stock and do not respond to our attempts to ask what you would like to substitute the firework(s) with by the time we need to ship the order, we will make a substitution of any out-of-stock item with an item of equal or greater value.